Develop your iOS Muscles

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This course is normally run as part of our in-house agile developer training or as part of kicking off a new iOS agile project. If this is of interest to your organisation or you would like us to organise a public course, please get in touch for a chat about dates that suit you.


About the course

This two-day learning session is designed for individuals with little or no iOS development experience. It provides are great foundation for those wanting to flex their developer muscles, and gain understanding and experience of iOS development in a practical way so that they can use it effectively on their next project. Participants learn how developing for mobile differs from server or web development, are introduced to Swift 3 (the language used to create modern iOS applications) and work through a series of exercises in which they build an app that incorporates the most important components in the iOS developer’s toolbox.

Key takeaways

  • Building for mobile: Explore how native mobile development differs from other types of development

  • Adding polish: Learn how fonts, colour palettes and animations can used to make your apps beautiful

  • Architecture & testing: See how iOS apps can be architected to make them testable

  • Calling APIs using ReactiveX: Get hands-on experience calling Restful APIs and displaying the results

  • XCode & cocoapods: Learn how to create and navigate arounds projects, use simulators and be introduced to targets and build settings

  • Interface Builder: Become familiar with techniques for creating the user interface, app navigation and passing context between screens

  • Core concepts of Swift 3: Learn how to use classes, structs, protocols, extensions and optionals

About your awesome trainers

The course is delivered by our technical training partners Keith and Wade, the co-founders of Native Mobile Ltd.

Both have extensive experience in native mobile development for iOS and Android and have been responsible for the development of many apps, from mainstream retail banking apps used by hundreds of thousands of kiwis every week, down to niche apps used in the aviation and healthcare sectors.

Both are passionate about helping you become an awesome iOS developer. They have developed this training course so that they can share with you their practical iOS development wizardry.

Learning support

Native Mobile gives everyone that completes this training course their commitment to support your ongoing iOS learning. Keith and Wade are always available via email for general questions about anything iOS related and by cell phone if there is an issue that needs an immediate answer.