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This course is normally run as part of our in-house agile adoption approach. If this is of interest to your organisation or you would like us to organise a public course, please get in touch for a chat about dates that suit you.


About the course

This fun 1-day agile training course provides an initial introduction to the benefits and challenges of changing to an agile way of working and thinking. We explore two key frameworks – Kanban and Scrum to help participants learn the new agile language and the importance of the agile mindset. By the end of the day participants will have experienced the benefits of agile ways of working, discussed the differences between these two common agile approaches and have a practical mindset for choosing an agile approach to suit their type of work.

The course is targeted at staff that want to be exposed to a more agile way of thinking and uses non-IT examples to reinforce the learning. The course is designed to be relevant to participants working both in IT and non-IT areas and can be adapted to focus on single specialist groups, e.g. Infrastructure, Business Change, Project Managers, Marketing.

We take a different approach to training and use our own agilePete mind mapping app and iPads instead of powerpoint to provide course information digitally so you can personalise it as you learn.

Key takeaways

  • Agile thinking: Explore the Agile Manifesto and Principles, popular agile implementations and a generic agile framework

  • Changing roles and responsibilities: Embedded business decision makers and cross functional, self organising development teams increase productivity

  • Appreciate how agile can help you: explore the benefits and challenges of changing to an agile way of working and thinking

Learning support

Bring another member of your project team and you will both receive our 20% Agile Buddy discount. We have found that if you have an immediate sounding board for your new ideas you are more likely to apply what you learned in the real world context of your own project.  

If you are seeking a formal qualification this course will also prepare you to confidently sit your Professional Scrum Master exam after the course. The exam is independently certified by scrum.org.

We give everyone that completes our training course our personal commitment to support your ongoing agile learning. We are always available via email for general questions about anything agile related and by cell phone if you have an issue that needs an immediate answer. But be warned, you may become as equally passionate about agile as we are!

Don’t just take our word for it

Pete’s passion and people skills coupled with his agile expertise make him an incredibly valuable advisor, coach and mentor.
— Chris Chamberlain | Agile Coach at Run The Red